Conflict Resolution in the Church: What I learnt from Noah’s Ark.

You remember NOAH’s ark? Do you realise in that ark were all kinds of animals- Carnivorous and Herbivorous, Lions and lambs, snakes and rats, crocodile and tilapia, birds and insects, the list goes on yet these animals stayed together without biting/back-biting each other until the flood stopped.
In the church today, you see two Christians who are not talking to each other. Two pastors who are enemies. Church leaders in a cold war. Choir members back-biting each other. And I just feel we must learn from Noah’s Ark…How could those animals of different species stay peacefully without any record of casualties until the flood stopped?
One thing came to my spirit: *They learnt how NOT to cross boundaries.* The lamb knew that the nature of the Lion makes him devour fellow animals when he is hungry so I believe that the lamb drew boundaries with the Lion.

I have said it several times, the church is a ‘Rehab Centre’. There is no Normal person in the church, we are just a bunch of imperfect people redeemed by Grace and crafted to the church for rehabilitation and perfection.
So its an error to expect any of us to be everything sweet and nice. Understand that we all got issues and try to know when not to cross boundaries.
If Noah’s ark can house all the saved creatures on earth in Noah’s time, I believe the church is anointed enough to house all the saved imperfect people until Rapture.

The church is ONE…Let Brotherly love continue!
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