The Bone of My Bone.

20140615_150700Believe me, this is a truth:
Destiny is God’s original plan for an individual. Destiny is God’s perfect will.
Life is controlled by the principle/force of DESTINY. No devil in hell can stop you from achieving anything that is in your destiny…and no angel in heaven can help you to achieve anything that is not in your destiny.

You can date a person for 15 years but if they’re not in your destiny as your spouse, they’ll walk away from you. It’s not because they’re wicked. No. They are not part of God’s original plan for you.

Personally, I have met a couple of God fearing, beautiful and very encouraging sisters…Just like Prophet Samuel who hastily concluded that Jesse’s first son was God’s choice of a king because of his qualities, I had also jumped at exciting conclusions that ‘this is the bone of my bone’ and often I will watch God separate me from the people I love so dearly. I used to cry and get heartbroken when I didn’t understand DESTINY but when I understood, I learnt to let go and hold on to God’s perfect will.

I have also met a couple of guys that I thought “Hey, with these guys we gonna shake the world together” and just when I least expected, they’re gone; gone forever: RiP Richard Donald (OGB); RiP Jane…It was hard accepting the reality that you guys were gone forever until I understood DESTINY. And to my friends who became strangers, its not our fault that we hardly say ‘hello’ these days, destiny was at work. Destiny can change us but we can’t change Destiny.

Most of the people who walked away from us wouldn’t have walked away if they had the powers not to walk away. It was the force of destiny that brought us together, it is also the force of destiny that tore us apart…

…to be continued.