“…Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD WAS NOT IN THE WIND. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD WAS NOT IN THE EARTHQUAKE. (1 Kings 19:11b)

Beloved, We have found ourselves in a generation that confuses noise with the Holy Presence of Jehovah. The noisier our church service, the more anointed we think it is. The noisier the preacher, the more ‘powerful’ we think he is. We are bored by chosen teachers of the word. We want them ‘hot and quick‘. We want them like Fire but  “After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” (1st Kings 19:12) I’ve never seen a generation that is so familiar with ‘FIRE’ like ours yet so cold in our inner members. We have been carried away in the wind, earthquake and fire of this generation. What on earth happened to our quite times? That quite moment of the day we dedicate to knowing God more. Has it not been replaced with one FIRE FOR FIRE PROPHETIC SERVICE or the other? Who will remind us that God is not in most of these strange fires burning on the pentecostal altars in Africa? Who will teach us that God might be in that gentle whisper echoing in our souls?

The problem of the church in Africa is not lack of fire on the altar but presence of strange fire on the altar. We are living in one of the most deceived generations.
We mistake rhymes for rhema. We have been deceived to believe God is in every WIND, FIRE and EARTHQUAKE. We have lied to ourselves that: “If it is loud, then it carries the cloud“. what a lie! We have quickly forgotten that empty cans are potential noise makers. No wonder we have more empty hands that are been laid on empty heads. What an empty generation! Worse than this deception is our complacency. We really don’t care. After all, the wind is breaking the mountains in our lives and shattering the rocks on our paths. But little do we know that God’s will for us is to be supernaturally empowered to be able to say to the mountains: “Be thou removed” and the mountains will respect themselves and not just some strange wind tearing the mountains apart. A torn apart mountain today can come together tomorrow. That’s why your challenges seemed to dissolve after an encounter with one of those ‘prophetic winds’ and then later comes back. The wind tears the mountain but YOUR FAITH moves the mountain.

Enough of this ‘windy’ wave blowing across our pulpits in Africa. Enough of the focus on the noise and strange fires. Enough! Wake Up Church! Wake up from this slumber! God is not always in the Wind, fires and Earthquake. Be careful of getting involved with what God is not involved with. Stop looking for God where He is not. Get back to your silent closets, He is there! Get back to your personal prayer altars, He is there! ITS TIME TO GET ALONE WITH GOD for the perilous times are here! Peace!






Hello dear friends of Charles Awuzie Ministries, this article came from a beloved friend and a great revivalist, Brother Dan. It blessed my life and I am bringing it to you in hope that it will stir up the fire of revival in you.

Three weeks ago, we laid Steve Hill’s earthly tent to rest. It is fitting that his burial plot is near David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill. These three men ran so closely together and were used so mightily in the past century. All three finished well!

Steve was privileged to be part of two incredible moves of God in Argentina and Pensacola, but he always contended that the greatest move of God yet was before us, not behind us. Now his leg of the race is over. He has joined that crowd of witnesses and will see the next revival from heaven’s vantage point.

This next leg of the race is ours. As I run, I am more stirred for revival now more than ever. I am believing for one more great outpouring of His Spirit in these last days. I trust I’m not alone.

Some might say, “We don’t need revival,” or, “God will not bless America with another move of God while we continue our slide further and further away from Him.” (Trust me, I get the emails.) Friend, this is precisely why we need revival!

Revival is not God’s award for our righteousness. It’s His answer for our unrighteousness!

I understand there are a lot of different thoughts on revival. Like so many words we use in Christianity, revival carries different definitions for different people. Some see it as a series of special meetings in a church. Others think it is an emotional outbreak devoid of true spirituality. Some have messaged me to inform me that the word revival is not in the Bible or that we shouldn’t seek it but rather seek God. We use the same word but mean different things.

For me, revival means something special. Before revival touched my life, I was a backslidden, lukewarm, apathetic, complacent sinner who was quite comfortable going to church for my religious experience on Sunday while I did as I pleased starting Monday. After graduating from high school in 1994, I made up my mind: I was done with church and through with God. I was on my way out of the church, just as the Spirit of the Lord was coming into the church.

In March of 1996, I stopped running from God and ran to Him. I walked down to the altar of a church and finally surrendered. It was my Damascus Road experience. God finally got my attention. He spoke, I listened, and I’ve never been the same since!

For the past 18 years, I’ve devoted my life to preaching the gospel—that’s revival!

Let me define it further.

Revival Is Rebirth

The surest sign that revival is in your midst is the salvation of lost souls. It was revival when 3,000 were saved on the Day of Pentecost. It was revival when hundreds of thousands were saved during the First and Second Great Awakenings. It was revival when 150,000 walked down the aisles of Brownsville Assembly.

Any time lost sons and daughters call on the name of the Lord and are reborn, that’s revival!

Revival Is a Return

When wayward saints begin to abandon their religious ways and return to true relationship with the Lord, that’s revival!

Religion has always been man’s attempt to come close to God, but revival is God coming close to man.

Many have experienced the joy of salvation that comes with rebirth. Unfortunately, over time many allow that joy to fade. Often what begins in the spirit ends in the flesh. We don’t pray like we used to. We don’t share our faith like we used to. We don’t grieve over sin like we used to. We start to lean upon ourselves and no longer lean upon our Savior.

Thankfully, the Lord keeps the doors open for those trapped in the prison of religion to step out and return to Him.

Revival Is Repentance

Without repentance, there can be no revival. Today many attempt to cheapen and redefine the meaning of repentance. They contend it has no place in the life of the believer except to simply change one’s mind.

Friend, Jesus began His ministry with one message: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” In His last address to the seven churches in Revelation, seven times He says, “Repent!” Let us not minor on something Jesus majored on!

After commending the church at Ephesus for all the good things they were doing, Jesus rebukes them by saying, “I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first. Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first” (Rev. 2:4-5, NIV).

He didn’t say, “I need you to change your mind about your ways.” He said, “I want you to change your ways! Come back to Me. Fall in love with Me once again.”

I assure you that revival entered the church at Ephesus the moment they heard His words and repented of their ways.

If you are away from God or have sin in your life, I urge you to take heed of these grace-filled words. Repent! Turn away from your sin, and turn toward your Savior. When you do, that’s revival!

Revival Is Refreshing

I’m writing this while I’m looking out the window at the fresh blossoms on the trees in my front yard. Spring is in the air. It’s a welcome and refreshing sight after a long, cold winter. Everyone in my neighborhood seems to be happier now than they were a few weeks ago. Why? New life is refreshing.

Peter called out to a crowd of onlookers in Acts 3:19, “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.”

When we find ourselves stuck in the sickness of our sins or robbed of life from our religious ways, we can turn back to God and take a drink from the fount that never runs out. That’s revival!

Like spring, refreshing comes with excitement and exuberance. Yes, people get emotional. I, for one, do not know how one can be inwardly refreshed without it being outwardly expressed. I welcome it in the church. After all, we are God’s chosen, not His frozen!

Revival Is Restoration

When families and relationships are restored, that’s revival. When your identity in Christ is restored, that’s revival. When things that have been lost or stolen are restored, that’s revival.

Jesus said that He came to seek and save that which was lost. He wasn’t just speaking about saving you from the fires of hell, but to the restoration as sons and daughters of God. For Jesus, the focus is not on where I come from but on where I’m going. He pulled you from the fire to set you on fire!

Revival Is Reformation

True revival cannot be contained. Revival fills up the saints and spills out into the streets. It finds sinners in the highways and byways. It affects the atmosphere of communities and cultures. True revival brings reformation. That’s revival!

A series of meetings in your church will do little to transform your city. But let the fires of true revival enter into your church house, and it won’t be long before it touches every house. Revival may start within an individual or church, but like a spark to a dry field, that fire cannot be contained; otherwise, it will not be sustained.

God’s purpose for revival is the forgiveness of our sins and the healing of our land. Currently our sins are plenty, and they stand before us. Our land is sick and in need of healing. The answer is not going to be found in a person or a place but in a position.

God gave His people a pattern for finding that position in 2 Chronicles 7:14. He said, “Humble yourself, pray, seek My face, and repent of your own wicked ways.”

I’ve experienced revival in my life, and I’m ready to experience it once again in our nation. I’m on my knees, and now you know what I’m praying for.

Daniel K. Norris is an evangelist who worked alongside Steve Hill bringing the message of revival and repentance to the nations. Together, they co-hosted a broadcast called From the Frontlines. Norris also hosts the Collision Youth Conference that is broadcast all over the world.


ImageOn the 27th day of August 1991, a people were carved out from the old Imo state…The architects of this autonomy envisioned a people set apart for God so they nicknamed the state: GOD’S OWN STATE…They hijacked the name of a priestly order called ABIA (translated God is our Father) and placed it on the new born state…Let me take you through this scripture…Luke 1: 5: “There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judea, a certain priest named Zachariah, of the course(order or division) of ABIA: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth(mother of John the Baptist).”

So our foundation as a state was laid on the PRIESTHOOD-(I will speak more about the PRIESTLY COURSE OF ABIA in my conference in Umuahia this December, details here)…like the Fish is sourced from the ocean, so were we sourced from a priestly order…And just like the Fish gradually dies outside its source, so shall we die if we stray away from the priesthood…We are called, chosen and set apart as God’s portion in our Nation…Like the tribe of Levi, ours is a calling into priesthood…We are not just a state but we are a people with a mandate…

The current socio-political cum economic problems threatening our state can only be solved if our people would retrace our history, align themselves with their mandate and then(and only then) would we be able to smile again as we smiled in the days of Ogbonnaya Onu…OUR FUTURE IS BURIED IN OUR HISTORY…Lets exhume our history and recover our future…

I have no faith in any governor to restore Abia…Abia must restore herself…

If you have read this message to this point, it means you are passionate about change in our beloved state…Why not bend your head and say a word of prayer for our people…ask God to open our eyes of understanding to know their IDENTITY…Let it start from our leaders…Ask God to forgive our land for all the evil committed thereon…Let Him forgive all the human sacrifices offered in Waterside Aba…Let God forgive Aba North, Aba South, Arochukwu, Bende, Ikwuano, Isiala Ngwa North, Isiala Ngwa South, Isuikwuato, Obi Ngwa, Ohafia, Osisioma Ngwa, Ugwunagbo, Ukwa East, Ukwa West, Umuahia North, Umuahia South, Umu Nneochi…LET GOD FORGIVE ABIA STATE AND RESTORE US TO HIMSELF IN JESUS NAME…




Jesus was wounded in 7 parts of His Holy Body to heal 7 areas of our lives…

(1) His Eyes: At Gethsemane, Jesus cried out blood for the healing of our sight, visions and dreams. Medical science calls this “Subconjunctival hemorrhage”, a rare situation where optic blood vessels are wounded. Now the blind can say “I can see!”.

(2) His Face: At Caiaphas house for trial, Jesus was slapped by soldiers, fist beaten and spat on the face…His face was wounded for the healing of our sick image…So it doesn’t matter how bad your public image is, Jesus has paid for the redemption of your image.

(3) Head: Do you remember that crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus? That must have been dead sore. But His head had to be wounded to do two things: To heal our mental faculties thus setting us free from psychiatric prisons…And also to restore our headship, dominion and authority.

(4) His Back: They whipped the back of Jesus to fulfil the Prophet Isaiah’s prophecy that “By His Stripes, you are healed.” So His back was wounded for your physical healing. HIV, Cancer, Flu and all diseases were taken care of by the wounds on His back.

(5) His Hands: When they nailed His hands to the cross, He healed the works of our hands.

(6) His Feet: When they nailed His feet to the cross, He healed our steps and walk. Henceforth, the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.

(7) His body: When He hung on the cross, they pierced the side of His body with a spear…Two things happened: Marriages were healed and also That was when the church was born…Remember, when the first Adam slept, God opened the side of his body and brought forth Eve…When Jesus slept on the cross, the side of His body was opened with a spear for the healing of marriages, relationships and families…and to activate the operation of God’s kingdom on earth.

The cost of our salvation is unimaginable…Cherish it!

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Ban their music…Liberate our children….

There is nothing that can influence people like music…When music play, our souls vibrate…Emotions are put into motion…The South African struggle against the apartheid was won through the influence of music…the whites had the power, the blacks had the music…and music will always control the man with the power…Thank God for musicians like Brenda Farsie etc…

The guitar looks like AK 47 and behaves also like AK 47…I am more afraid of the man with the guitar than the man with AK 47.

It is high time Nigeria and Nigerians re-considered the music industry…The nation is wallowing in economic and socio-political wahala yet our airwaves are filled with irresponsible voices…Somebody may need to explain to me why Flavour still has access to any studio, stage and market in #Nigeria…And that ‘Alanta’ guy also…You know them…Ban them…Ban their music…We need musicians with a sense of national #Responsibility…#Flavour and his likes are polluting Nigeria’s airwaves…No wonder we have irresponsible youths in our great nation…

We can’t let these immoral, irresponsible, passionless, fame driven, insensitive, myopic musicians drown our youths in the ocean of their confusion.

Ban them…Ban their Music and Liberate the minds of your children, friends and relatives!

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