My story, My passion.


While the Northern Nigeria is under attack by the islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, The Nigerian University Community is under the siege of cultism (gangsterism). I studied Biochemistry in one of the Nigerian Universities, precisely Abia State University, Uturu and here is the story of my experience with this student-terrorists.

It was a swampy forest somewhere in Ndiakweke, Okigwe Imo state. We were clubbed without mercy. A boy from FUTO had already been *thrown overboard*(killed). Ajiboy(his nickname) a cousin of mine, had deceitfully asked me to accompany him pick his wooden wardrope from a nearby carpenter. Unknown to me and my friend,Ugo Mbakwe, my cousin had been asked by the Supreme Vikings Confraternity to bring me to their initiation ground or risk been *sailed overboard*…I was then involved in a social crusade against cultism on campus with Pastor Iyke…we had just released the profile of our forthcoming anti-cult crusade tagged “these killings must stop” with Dr. Sam Dede…I was then a 2nd year student of biochemistry of Abia State University…as we approached the said Carpenter’s workshop, a group of young men jumped out from the bush…we had been ambushed…in a swift, I and my friend were bullied and blindfolded…it was night already…we were taken through thick bushes until we got to an open space in a swampy forest where other young men were already chanting some cult songs…then I knew what was happening…we’ ve been tricked, ambushed and brought to be killed…for speaking against cultism…After some more bullying, we were brought before the Head of the cult who showed us the corpse of a guy from FUTO…he said ,the boy was an anti-cult crusader in his school and thus became a threat to their cult group…so they killed him…he then asked me to either choose been fired or joining their cult group…I immediately told him not to fire us…as we chose the later…incidentally, it was their initiation night too…we were ordered to be beaten face-down…we were flogged with red-hot matchets…guns were shot at close range…we were placed amidst soldier ants and told not to shout/ shake when bitten by these dangerous ants…oh my God, it was hell…yet we were blindfolded…I passed out in the process…waking up in the morning, I saw two dead bodies beside me…my friend had been crying thinking I too was dead…but God kept me…I heard God’s voice first in my life that night…He said to me, “even to the ends of the earth, I am with you”…we managed to find our way out of the forest back to the hostel…it was morning and our friends in the hostel were already worried about our where about…I went straight to my room, showered, ate and laid down on my bed…tears had its way down my cheek…I wasn’t crying for myself…who’ll tell the parents and family of those boys who were killed where they went to…in that forest, I overheard them discuss several operations that night…of course, not all of them that would go for that operation would come back alive…ouch, imagine those sweet looking and intelligent guys heading to an early grave…I wept even more…in the evening, I ran to Ope police station in Okigwe, reported the case but they treated it with contempt…again, I wept for our security system…then I discovered that God has taken me to that bush to show me what our sons, brothers, youths have been sold out to…such slavery…such bondage…is that all there is in the swags? BKB trending in Latamarines…Awwww…is there no cause to weep for these folks? As the Nigerian government is combating Boko Haram, I will also urge the authorities not to overlook or underestimate the terror been unleashed in our campuses by these cultists. They are the ones who grow up to become commanders and leaders of terrorist groups, militant groups and armed robbery gangs. Remember, by then they would be university graduates and thus will carry out their wickedness with an intimidating height of intelligence and sophistication.




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