The Path Of Joseph-The Highway of Great Destinies


4 Pees of Great Destinies…

(From Pit to Portiphar, Portiphar to Palace…PPPP Route)

During my quite time this morning, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about the Path of Joseph..the path every great destiny is forced to go through.
If you are destined for greatness you will surely go through the route of Joseph. There are 4 pivotal points in this Journey and coincidentally each point starts with the letter P.

The Starting point is called PIT. The journey of Joseph to greatness started from the PIT. The PIT is that point of your life where you are below Zero Point. In the pit, you are forgotten and considered DEAD. While Joseph was in the PIT, Jacob mourned his death. But when God needs a man to set on a throne, HE goes to the PIT to pick someone.

After the PIT is a point called Potiphar’s House…It’s a place of temporary relief and rest…At Potiphar’s House, you have everything you never had in the PIT. Potiphar’s House is the Job you get after a long period of joblessness. Portiphar’s house is the breakthrough you experience in ministry after a long period of obscurity. Potiphar’s House is that first money you make after a long period of abject poverty. Zuleikha will fall in love with you here but be careful of her love lest you be destroyed. But Hear This: The comfort of POTIPHAR’S HOUSE is more dangerous than the discomfort of the PIT. Portiphar’s House is a trap. A lot of great destinies have been trapped here. Don’t Relax here else God will set you up with Portiphar’s wife.

Often times, you will leave Potiphar’s House in pains and find yourself in PRISON. The PRISON is the waiting room of every great destiny. It’s a point of LOSS. You will lose the comfort you had in Portiphar’s House. Freedom will be lost. Friends will also be lost. Money, contacts and platforms are lost at this point. Even church members are lost. You will also lose the trust of Potiphar. You loss everything. Joseph lost everything he had in Potiphar’s house. He lost it all. But the key to pull through at this point is NEVER to loss Yourself at this point. No matter what you lose, don’t loss your Identity. Always remember who and whose you are. Always remember what you carry. People will laugh at you at this point but don’t worry because very soon they will laugh with you. It is at this point that God creates problems that only you can solve. It is at this point that God gives Kings, Presidents and national leaders sleepless nights until they locate you and relocate you.
The day you leave the Prison, You will land at the PALACE. Halleluyah! One day at the PALACE will erase the pains of the hard route you’ve taken. At the PALACE, nobody remembers your story, all they see is your glory. At the palace, you will decide the fate of those who put you in the PIT.

Someone is reading this and God is saying to you, “what you are going through now is because you have an appointment at the PALACE.” The PALACE is calling you and that is why Potiphar’s House has ejected you.

I don’t know the point you are in your journey to greatness…whether you are still in the obscurity of the PIT or in the comfort of Potiphar’s House or perhaps in the Prison of life, please don’t give up, the PALACE is your destination.

One Thing is sure: You will arrive at the palace someday.

Have a safe trip to your great destiny,
Yours Co-Traveller,
Charles Awuzie.






Jesus had a crucial meeting with Moses and Elijah. Moses represented the era of the law while Elijah attended the meeting on behalf of the prophetic era. The meeting on that mountain was not about transfiguration. It was about the close of 2 eras and the emergence of another era. Jesus didn’t climb that mountain just to show off white shining clothes. He simply went up there to shut down two eras in the presence of 3 witnesses who were His disciples.

During the process, Peter suggested that they build 3 tents for the 3 personalities. More like what we do today…We tend to say to Jesus…”let’s build 3 houses, one for the grace you bring, the other for the law Moses brought and the other for the era of the prophetic.” So we religiously hold on to the law, seek God through prophets and still call ourselves followers of Christ Jesus.

We must not be like Peter. There is no need for 3 tents to house 3 eras. We only need one tent and that is the Kingdom of God which came through Jesus. Peter said: “Lets stay here”…Like seriously? “Peter, you want us to stay in between Moses, Elijah and Jesus?” I mean you want us to live by the law, seek God through the prophets and yet enjoy the Grace of the Kingdom?

Oh no Peter. Moses is dead, let him rest. Elijah was taken away, let him be. Jesus is alive and only HE is relevant in this era.

Well in the twinkle of an eye, Elijah disappeared from the mountain, Moses also disappeared, but Jesus was left alone and His body shone like the sun. They disappeared that the era which Jesus brings would shine.

Friends, this is the era of Grace and Truth. The law and the prophecies have been fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus brought Grace and Truth to replace Law and Prophecies. Now the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy.(Rev. 19:10) Now we walk not by the law nor by prophecies BUT by Grace and the Truth revealed through Jesus Christ.

We don’t get blessed because we live by the law, nor because we are covered by prophets BUT BECAUSE WE ARE REDEEMED BY HIS GRACE AND COVENANTED TO PROSPER IN ALL THINGS BY HIS BLOOD. IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS!

iANSWER Series: Why Do Yesterday’s Friends Become Today’s Strangers?

DSC_0020Sometimes it hurt but often times it is more frustrating than it hurts that the closest people in our lives yesterday have become the most distant people in our lives today. We wonder why and how it happened. We miss them but they seem so far that our hands can’t grab them.

But why should my best friend yesterday be a stranger today? Does God have any hand in this? YES!

Lets read a scripture, Genesis 11: 6&7 “The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

Like seriously? What is God’s problem with some collaborations, partnerships, friendships and relationships that would make Him seek to break it up at its peak? These guys united with one voice to erect a tower called Babel and here is God tearing them apart. More like when we get into friendships and relationships with singleness of voice and focus but almost suddenly, we seem to be speaking a different language which our partner no more understands. Then Misunderstanding sets in and we break up. Could God also be involved? YES!

3 Reasons why God broke the Unity of the Builders of Babel: (Ref: Genesis 11:4)

1) They wanted to build a city for themselves.
God will always oppose any union that is not centred on HIM and HIS kingdom. The moment you gather partnership to build your own empire, be sure that God will cause division. This is also why most churches keep splitting because the Vision bearer envisioned a ‘family empire’ and NOT Kingdom advancement. Every believer’s first priority must be to Build His Kingdom and Not to build their Lives. The Bible says “Seek ye first the Kingdom”…People will seek the man who seeks the Kingdom…People will abandon the man who abandons the Kingdom to Seek personal success.

2) They wanted to Make Name For Themselves:
Hello, are you surprised that your friends deserted you when you embarked on a journey of building your own brand? Perhaps you’ve even pulled a hate-war on your friends just because God took them away from being part of a self-exalting venture? Calm down friend. God will never sponsor any vision that will exalt itself above His Name. If you make it about your name, then leave HIM out of it. Leave His children out of it. Leave His resources out of it. After all, there are other shortcuts to ‘success’ apart from God. LOL. But if your vision will bring Glory to God and His Kingdom yet friends left you when you needed them most then Number 3 Reason is for you.

3) God Wanna Move You:
The last objective of the Babel Unionists was to resist MOVEMENT. They didn’t want to “scatter all over the earth” which was God’s original intention for man’s creation. If God had allowed their union, then humanity would have been limited, so God destroyed their union to liberate them from limitation.
Let me drive this home, imagine yourself surrounded today by the same people in your life 10 years ago…Imagine how limited your life would have been today? You wouldn’t have MOVED to where you are today. So God saw your future and Confused the language of your past friendships/relationships lest it resists your movement into your destiny.

The Next time you wonder what happened to your past friendships, collaborations and relationships, Just Remember that it had to go so God can MOVE you. God’s intention is to make you a global phenomenon and not a domesticated pet. Let it go and go ahead fulfilling destiny. You’ve gotta MOVE.

DISCOVERY: Ebola Has A Cure…Top Secret.

A few American scientists exposed mice to Ebola Virus and then obtained the antibodies in a serum which the mice produced to fight against the invading Ebola virus.

CNN said “The medicine is a three-mouse monoclonal antibody, meaning that mice were exposed to fragments of the Ebola virus and then the antibodies generated within the mice’s blood were harvested to create the medicine. It works by preventing the virus from entering and infecting new cells.”

The serum is stored at Subzero temperature.

Testing of the serum:

Some monkeys were exposed to Ebola virus. Four of the monkeys were injected with the serum and they survived while the control monkey was not given the serum and it died after few days of exposure to Ebola virus.

Human Application:
Sometime last month (July 2014), two American doctors, Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebols who were taking care of Ebola patients in Liberia were reported to have tested positive to Ebola virus. The American scientists who obtained the serum secured permissions/consents to treat Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebols with their serum. According to CNN, the experimental serum “stored at subzero temperatures, reached the hospital in Liberia where Brantly and Writebol were being treated Thursday morning. Doctors were instructed to allow the serum to thaw naturally without any additional heat. It was expected that it would be eight to 10 hours before the medicine could be given, according to a source familiar with the process. Brantly asked that Writebol be given the first dose because he was younger and he thought he had a better chance of fighting it, and she agreed. However, as the first vial was still thawing, Brantly’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse. Brantly began to deteriorate and developed labored breathing. He told his doctors he thought he was dying, according to a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation. Knowing his dose was still frozen, Brantly asked if he could have Writebol’s now-thawed medication. It was brought to his room and administered through an IV. Within an hour of receiving the medication, Brantly’s condition dramatically improved. He began breathing easier; the rash over his trunk faded away. One of his doctors described the events as “miraculous.” By the next morning, Brantly was able to take a shower on his own before getting on a specially designed Gulfstream air ambulance jet to be evacuated to the United States.”

Brantly is currently been treated in Emory University Hospital facilities in Atlanta and he is reported to be “miraculously” improving. He has very high chance of been cured. Alas, America has kept this a top secret.

In as much as I celebrate the courage of the scientists in obtaining the serum, I also give them a thumps down for limiting the use of the serum to only America/Americans. If I were them, Africa would have access to this serum as soon as possible but that would mean minimum financial profit to the inventors/investors but maximum health care to the patients. This is another reason why African scientists must be challenged to solve this Ebola puzzle by ourselves and for ourselves.

I want to read in the newspapers that African scientists have also obtained so much quantity of the said serum, secured necessary certifications and commenced treatment of Ebola patients. We shouldn’t let our irresponsibility rob our brothers and sisters their precious lives by a ‘curable’ disease. Its time to prove your Bachelor of Science Degree. Go back to the Laboratories. It’s ‘Operation Cure Ebola’.

About the Writer:
Charles Awuzie holds a degree in Biochemistry, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ and blogs from Johannesburg.

The Bone of My Bone.

20140615_150700Believe me, this is a truth:
Destiny is God’s original plan for an individual. Destiny is God’s perfect will.
Life is controlled by the principle/force of DESTINY. No devil in hell can stop you from achieving anything that is in your destiny…and no angel in heaven can help you to achieve anything that is not in your destiny.

You can date a person for 15 years but if they’re not in your destiny as your spouse, they’ll walk away from you. It’s not because they’re wicked. No. They are not part of God’s original plan for you.

Personally, I have met a couple of God fearing, beautiful and very encouraging sisters…Just like Prophet Samuel who hastily concluded that Jesse’s first son was God’s choice of a king because of his qualities, I had also jumped at exciting conclusions that ‘this is the bone of my bone’ and often I will watch God separate me from the people I love so dearly. I used to cry and get heartbroken when I didn’t understand DESTINY but when I understood, I learnt to let go and hold on to God’s perfect will.

I have also met a couple of guys that I thought “Hey, with these guys we gonna shake the world together” and just when I least expected, they’re gone; gone forever: RiP Richard Donald (OGB); RiP Jane…It was hard accepting the reality that you guys were gone forever until I understood DESTINY. And to my friends who became strangers, its not our fault that we hardly say ‘hello’ these days, destiny was at work. Destiny can change us but we can’t change Destiny.

Most of the people who walked away from us wouldn’t have walked away if they had the powers not to walk away. It was the force of destiny that brought us together, it is also the force of destiny that tore us apart…

…to be continued.

Conflict Resolution in the Church: What I learnt from Noah’s Ark.

You remember NOAH’s ark? Do you realise in that ark were all kinds of animals- Carnivorous and Herbivorous, Lions and lambs, snakes and rats, crocodile and tilapia, birds and insects, the list goes on yet these animals stayed together without biting/back-biting each other until the flood stopped.
In the church today, you see two Christians who are not talking to each other. Two pastors who are enemies. Church leaders in a cold war. Choir members back-biting each other. And I just feel we must learn from Noah’s Ark…How could those animals of different species stay peacefully without any record of casualties until the flood stopped?
One thing came to my spirit: *They learnt how NOT to cross boundaries.* The lamb knew that the nature of the Lion makes him devour fellow animals when he is hungry so I believe that the lamb drew boundaries with the Lion.

I have said it several times, the church is a ‘Rehab Centre’. There is no Normal person in the church, we are just a bunch of imperfect people redeemed by Grace and crafted to the church for rehabilitation and perfection.
So its an error to expect any of us to be everything sweet and nice. Understand that we all got issues and try to know when not to cross boundaries.
If Noah’s ark can house all the saved creatures on earth in Noah’s time, I believe the church is anointed enough to house all the saved imperfect people until Rapture.

The church is ONE…Let Brotherly love continue!
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Image“Nobody wanna employ somebody who has no experience.”

I remember perambulating the streets of Accra, from Dansoman to Mamprobi, From Mamprobi to Spintex Road, confident in my clean degree in Biochemistry and hoping to employed by any medical laboratory. From hospital to hospital I got the same response: “Sorry Charles, you have nice varsity grades but you have no experience in practice yet.” The last place I tried was at a Chinese Hospital opposite Mataheko Pharmacy in Accra. The Chinese medical director looked at me for a while and said: “Nobody wanna employ somebody who has no experience.”

I went home that day and made up my mind to divorce Biochemistry but I did not dump the words of that Chinese doctor. I was just another young Nigerian varsity graduate who has more ‘Responsibilities than Opportunities’. I’m the first born of a family who looks up to me. I needed a job, I had a degree but the system wants somebody with EXPERIENCE. Worries stimulated Tears and my tears had a sweet romance with my cheek and I fell asleep with pains.
In my dream I saw a job advert that read: “Wanted! Wanted! A Messed Up Life is Urgently Wanted to Inspire an Expiring Generation. Qualifications: The More your Experiences, The More Qualified You Are.”

I woke up that morning and screamed to my flat mate: “Hey! I’ve got a job! Thank God I’ve got a past. My ‘painful past’ just qualified me for a ‘gainful future’.” I danced around and today, I’m still dancing.

Hello friends, I shared this to help you transform the mess in your life to a message. I shared this to help you see the gain behind your pain. This generation is hungry. Believe me. White and Black, Young and Old, this generation is thirsty for Inspiration. They’re getting tired of bogus motivation, they crave for a Godly inspiration. Its time to stop feeling bad about your painful past and transform it into a gainful future. Your experiences have qualified you for this Generational employment. Get Up and Get Busy! You’re Needed by an entire generation!

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