iANSWER Series: Why Do Yesterday’s Friends Become Today’s Strangers?

DSC_0020Sometimes it hurt but often times it is more frustrating than it hurts that the closest people in our lives yesterday have become the most distant people in our lives today. We wonder why and how it happened. We miss them but they seem so far that our hands can’t grab them.

But why should my best friend yesterday be a stranger today? Does God have any hand in this? YES!

Lets read a scripture, Genesis 11: 6&7 “The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

Like seriously? What is God’s problem with some collaborations, partnerships, friendships and relationships that would make Him seek to break it up at its peak? These guys united with one voice to erect a tower called Babel and here is God tearing them apart. More like when we get into friendships and relationships with singleness of voice and focus but almost suddenly, we seem to be speaking a different language which our partner no more understands. Then Misunderstanding sets in and we break up. Could God also be involved? YES!

3 Reasons why God broke the Unity of the Builders of Babel: (Ref: Genesis 11:4)

1) They wanted to build a city for themselves.
God will always oppose any union that is not centred on HIM and HIS kingdom. The moment you gather partnership to build your own empire, be sure that God will cause division. This is also why most churches keep splitting because the Vision bearer envisioned a ‘family empire’ and NOT Kingdom advancement. Every believer’s first priority must be to Build His Kingdom and Not to build their Lives. The Bible says “Seek ye first the Kingdom”…People will seek the man who seeks the Kingdom…People will abandon the man who abandons the Kingdom to Seek personal success.

2) They wanted to Make Name For Themselves:
Hello, are you surprised that your friends deserted you when you embarked on a journey of building your own brand? Perhaps you’ve even pulled a hate-war on your friends just because God took them away from being part of a self-exalting venture? Calm down friend. God will never sponsor any vision that will exalt itself above His Name. If you make it about your name, then leave HIM out of it. Leave His children out of it. Leave His resources out of it. After all, there are other shortcuts to ‘success’ apart from God. LOL. But if your vision will bring Glory to God and His Kingdom yet friends left you when you needed them most then Number 3 Reason is for you.

3) God Wanna Move You:
The last objective of the Babel Unionists was to resist MOVEMENT. They didn’t want to “scatter all over the earth” which was God’s original intention for man’s creation. If God had allowed their union, then humanity would have been limited, so God destroyed their union to liberate them from limitation.
Let me drive this home, imagine yourself surrounded today by the same people in your life 10 years ago…Imagine how limited your life would have been today? You wouldn’t have MOVED to where you are today. So God saw your future and Confused the language of your past friendships/relationships lest it resists your movement into your destiny.

The Next time you wonder what happened to your past friendships, collaborations and relationships, Just Remember that it had to go so God can MOVE you. God’s intention is to make you a global phenomenon and not a domesticated pet. Let it go and go ahead fulfilling destiny. You’ve gotta MOVE.


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