Conflict Resolution in the Church: What I learnt from Noah’s Ark.

You remember NOAH’s ark? Do you realise in that ark were all kinds of animals- Carnivorous and Herbivorous, Lions and lambs, snakes and rats, crocodile and tilapia, birds and insects, the list goes on yet these animals stayed together without biting/back-biting each other until the flood stopped.
In the church today, you see two Christians who are not talking to each other. Two pastors who are enemies. Church leaders in a cold war. Choir members back-biting each other. And I just feel we must learn from Noah’s Ark…How could those animals of different species stay peacefully without any record of casualties until the flood stopped?
One thing came to my spirit: *They learnt how NOT to cross boundaries.* The lamb knew that the nature of the Lion makes him devour fellow animals when he is hungry so I believe that the lamb drew boundaries with the Lion.

I have said it several times, the church is a ‘Rehab Centre’. There is no Normal person in the church, we are just a bunch of imperfect people redeemed by Grace and crafted to the church for rehabilitation and perfection.
So its an error to expect any of us to be everything sweet and nice. Understand that we all got issues and try to know when not to cross boundaries.
If Noah’s ark can house all the saved creatures on earth in Noah’s time, I believe the church is anointed enough to house all the saved imperfect people until Rapture.

The church is ONE…Let Brotherly love continue!
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Image“Nobody wanna employ somebody who has no experience.”

I remember perambulating the streets of Accra, from Dansoman to Mamprobi, From Mamprobi to Spintex Road, confident in my clean degree in Biochemistry and hoping to employed by any medical laboratory. From hospital to hospital I got the same response: “Sorry Charles, you have nice varsity grades but you have no experience in practice yet.” The last place I tried was at a Chinese Hospital opposite Mataheko Pharmacy in Accra. The Chinese medical director looked at me for a while and said: “Nobody wanna employ somebody who has no experience.”

I went home that day and made up my mind to divorce Biochemistry but I did not dump the words of that Chinese doctor. I was just another young Nigerian varsity graduate who has more ‘Responsibilities than Opportunities’. I’m the first born of a family who looks up to me. I needed a job, I had a degree but the system wants somebody with EXPERIENCE. Worries stimulated Tears and my tears had a sweet romance with my cheek and I fell asleep with pains.
In my dream I saw a job advert that read: “Wanted! Wanted! A Messed Up Life is Urgently Wanted to Inspire an Expiring Generation. Qualifications: The More your Experiences, The More Qualified You Are.”

I woke up that morning and screamed to my flat mate: “Hey! I’ve got a job! Thank God I’ve got a past. My ‘painful past’ just qualified me for a ‘gainful future’.” I danced around and today, I’m still dancing.

Hello friends, I shared this to help you transform the mess in your life to a message. I shared this to help you see the gain behind your pain. This generation is hungry. Believe me. White and Black, Young and Old, this generation is thirsty for Inspiration. They’re getting tired of bogus motivation, they crave for a Godly inspiration. Its time to stop feeling bad about your painful past and transform it into a gainful future. Your experiences have qualified you for this Generational employment. Get Up and Get Busy! You’re Needed by an entire generation!

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“…Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD WAS NOT IN THE WIND. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD WAS NOT IN THE EARTHQUAKE. (1 Kings 19:11b)

Beloved, We have found ourselves in a generation that confuses noise with the Holy Presence of Jehovah. The noisier our church service, the more anointed we think it is. The noisier the preacher, the more ‘powerful’ we think he is. We are bored by chosen teachers of the word. We want them ‘hot and quick‘. We want them like Fire but  “After the earthquake came a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” (1st Kings 19:12) I’ve never seen a generation that is so familiar with ‘FIRE’ like ours yet so cold in our inner members. We have been carried away in the wind, earthquake and fire of this generation. What on earth happened to our quite times? That quite moment of the day we dedicate to knowing God more. Has it not been replaced with one FIRE FOR FIRE PROPHETIC SERVICE or the other? Who will remind us that God is not in most of these strange fires burning on the pentecostal altars in Africa? Who will teach us that God might be in that gentle whisper echoing in our souls?

The problem of the church in Africa is not lack of fire on the altar but presence of strange fire on the altar. We are living in one of the most deceived generations.
We mistake rhymes for rhema. We have been deceived to believe God is in every WIND, FIRE and EARTHQUAKE. We have lied to ourselves that: “If it is loud, then it carries the cloud“. what a lie! We have quickly forgotten that empty cans are potential noise makers. No wonder we have more empty hands that are been laid on empty heads. What an empty generation! Worse than this deception is our complacency. We really don’t care. After all, the wind is breaking the mountains in our lives and shattering the rocks on our paths. But little do we know that God’s will for us is to be supernaturally empowered to be able to say to the mountains: “Be thou removed” and the mountains will respect themselves and not just some strange wind tearing the mountains apart. A torn apart mountain today can come together tomorrow. That’s why your challenges seemed to dissolve after an encounter with one of those ‘prophetic winds’ and then later comes back. The wind tears the mountain but YOUR FAITH moves the mountain.

Enough of this ‘windy’ wave blowing across our pulpits in Africa. Enough of the focus on the noise and strange fires. Enough! Wake Up Church! Wake up from this slumber! God is not always in the Wind, fires and Earthquake. Be careful of getting involved with what God is not involved with. Stop looking for God where He is not. Get back to your silent closets, He is there! Get back to your personal prayer altars, He is there! ITS TIME TO GET ALONE WITH GOD for the perilous times are here! Peace!