Jesus was wounded in 7 parts of His Holy Body to heal 7 areas of our lives…

(1) His Eyes: At Gethsemane, Jesus cried out blood for the healing of our sight, visions and dreams. Medical science calls this “Subconjunctival hemorrhage”, a rare situation where optic blood vessels are wounded. Now the blind can say “I can see!”.

(2) His Face: At Caiaphas house for trial, Jesus was slapped by soldiers, fist beaten and spat on the face…His face was wounded for the healing of our sick image…So it doesn’t matter how bad your public image is, Jesus has paid for the redemption of your image.

(3) Head: Do you remember that crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus? That must have been dead sore. But His head had to be wounded to do two things: To heal our mental faculties thus setting us free from psychiatric prisons…And also to restore our headship, dominion and authority.

(4) His Back: They whipped the back of Jesus to fulfil the Prophet Isaiah’s prophecy that “By His Stripes, you are healed.” So His back was wounded for your physical healing. HIV, Cancer, Flu and all diseases were taken care of by the wounds on His back.

(5) His Hands: When they nailed His hands to the cross, He healed the works of our hands.

(6) His Feet: When they nailed His feet to the cross, He healed our steps and walk. Henceforth, the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.

(7) His body: When He hung on the cross, they pierced the side of His body with a spear…Two things happened: Marriages were healed and also That was when the church was born…Remember, when the first Adam slept, God opened the side of his body and brought forth Eve…When Jesus slept on the cross, the side of His body was opened with a spear for the healing of marriages, relationships and families…and to activate the operation of God’s kingdom on earth.

The cost of our salvation is unimaginable…Cherish it!

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