ever heard about HAP? read about them…

HAP means…

Yesterday, 21st August ’13, we were at the famous Durban University of Technology to introduce our campus project here in South Africa…We met with executives of existing campus fellowships…

After inspiring sessions with the Students we met, we appointed Brother Vincent Nenyasha Richboy Chagwiza, a student of Chiropractics in the university as the Coordinator of the project in DUT

HAP was born yesterday at the Durban University of Technology here in South Africa…

If you’re in DUT and want to be part of a group of reformed, revived and refined students on campus who are equipped to take up leadership roles in Africa, SMS/Call us on: +27611061784…

HAP means Heal Africa Project…
Its inter-denominational…Its Non racial…Its the gathering of a people who are Responsible for the healing of the nations…

Yes, Africa is dependent on these ones…Partner with them!

HAP is the Campus Ministry of Charles Awuzie Ministries International.


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